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ot3_100's Journal

Drabbles for the OT3s!
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Claims and themes for fanworks based around threesomes
Welcome to ot3_100, modded by shanaqui and feywood. :) This is a drabble community for threesome pairings. Please read the rules, then drop me a comment here to claim. :)

On Claiming:
1. You can claim two threesomes at once.
2. Only one person can claim a particular threesome at one time.
3. Crossover threesomes are fine, as are RPF threesomes, and you may include incest, underage stuff, whatever you like. However, whatever you write is fully your responsibility. Just make sure to add the proper warnings.
4. You can claim m/m/m, f/f/f, m/m/f, m/f/f -- whatever combination catches your fancy.
5. If someone else wants your claim and a mod can't get hold of you, and you haven't posted for two months, that someone else gets the claim, just so we don't have people waiting forever. If you delete your LJ, you automatically forfeit your claim.
6. When you claim something, first post your table on your journal, or a personal webpage, wherever you like, and let the mod know when you claim where your table is. When you've written something, you can make the prompt into a link that lead to the drabble you wrote for that prompt. That way, everyone can find all your drabbles.

On Writing:
1. You may write observation of the threesome, or from the slant of one character, but at least one member of the threesome must be included and the OT3 must be implied.
2. You must use one, and only one, of the themes in each drabble.
3. The length should be 100 words. A little flexibility is, however, in order, and as long as it's not over 400 words or so, you'll probably be fine.

On Posting:
1. You must post each fic/fanart in a separate entry.
2. You must include this header for every fic:

3. You may add to the header, but please don't subtract from it, and try not to make it too long.
4. All drabbles must be under an LJ cut, especially those with questionable or high rated content.
5. You must always use the subject line "Fandom: threesome - title". That'll help feywood a lot with the memories.
6. Don't delete comments, that's our job. :) If you need something deleted, let us know.

On Tagging/Memories:
1. feywood is in charge here. One of the mods will tag your fic for you if you don't, and will put it into the memories in three categories -- the fandom, the OT3, and your username.
2. Feel free to be helpful and tag your own fics.

Claim: Here.
Table: Here.
Finished/Dropping Claim: Here.

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[Note: not interested in any new affiliates, thank you.]

All posts in this journal are about fictional situations and are not intended to offend people, and nor are they intended to support or condone illegal and morally dubious activities.