Robyn (arobynsung) wrote in ot3_100,

Merlin: Arthur/Gwen/Lancelot - Normal

Fandom: Merlin
Claim: Arthur/Gwen/Lancelot
Prompt + Number: Writer's Choice + 091
Title: Normal
Rating: R
Words: 111
Warnings: none
Summary: It's a normal sort of day in Camelot.

It's a normal sort of day in Camelot; treaties to sign, knights to train, mythical beasts to conquer, manservants to make miserable, council meetings to suffer through. A normal day in Camelot.

Except for the part where at the end of the day, instead of having a quiet meal with his lovely wife, he'll be having a quiet meal with his lovely wife and his lovely first knight, and hopefully it won't be so quiet of a meal, because somehow they've got to work through this whole in love with each other thing without bringing Camelot down with them.

Then again, Camelot in imminent danger is a normal sort of day.
Tags: arobynsung, arthur/gwen/lancelot, merlin

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